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Monday, 15 October 2012

Cold & and getting colder
Returning back from the UK, I brought home more than a present for Melanie, I brought a nice cold for myself.  I couldn't believe it as my throat started getting sore.  I was just recovering with my neck and could start running again and then another set back…a cold. 

Thankfully it was not too bad and after a few days I had nearly recovered so on I went out for a 7 km run in the local forest.  It felt so good…it was so relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  Now I had to get back into training.  I started off slowly, running every few days getting a little longer each time.  This weekend I managed 2hrs 20, it was a bit tough so I still have a way to go.  Its a bit scary as I only have a few weeks left before I hit the big mountains.  

I have started doing hill sessions again.  I was a bit scared to do this as I the downhill jarring movements would be sore on my neck and back.  I didn't want to make things worse and go backwards so  I was careful and the downhill felt great, however the uphill was a struggle!   I was panting, trying to push those bad thoughts away, that kept asking me why it was a good idea to run up the hill, when I heard a kid laugh and scream.  He was running downhill and having a great time doing it and it reminded me of why I love running.   I was focusing on the bad stuff and forgot to focus on why I love running.  I love the freedom, the fun of throwing my self down a hill like a big kid, the quietness, the nature, the alone time, the speed, the challenge, the pain and the satisfaction.    After focusing on these things my run suddenly got easier and I enjoyed the challenge and I pushed myself up the Gurten hill to enjoy the view over Bern and the Swiss alps in the distance.

The days are getting shorter and colder.  That means getting out the winter running gear, looking out my gloves, hats, jackets and buffs.  It also means switching my running schedule.  I preferring running in the mornings but this is always pretty chilly in the winter so I prefer to run at lunch time instead.  That way I also get to see daylight.  But I can wait a few weeks more and enjoy those beautiful crisp mornings.  Where the air is fresh, the sky is blue and there is just a slight chill but not too cold….perfect running weather.  Just a few weeks to enjoy before the warmth of Nepal.

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