My love for running is taking me to places around the world that I have dreamed of visiting. I love the challenge the races provides and the opportunity to visit somewhere new and beautiful, it is so rewarding and inspiring. While I do these challenges I also want to support The Gracias Foundation as a charity close to my heart, please feel free to support their many projects by donating on the link below.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Burton Creek Trail Run – Tahoe City
Distance: 42km
I was so lucky to have an opportunity to run this great trail race in Tahoe.  I was in San Jose for business the week before and managed to stay for the weekend so I could run this race.    The course was a combination of single track and fire road/double track in the Burton Creek State Park, based at an average altitude of 2,000m. 
I used the race as a training run so was not concentrating on speed, which was good as the weather was super-hot with the temperatures for the 2nd half of the race rising to approx. 30c.  The heat actually discouraged people from doing the marathon and as it was a 2 loop course many people pulled out after completing the 1st loop. 
It was fantastic to experience a different race in a different continent and I had the surprise of coming 2nd Lady.
Time:  5hrs 11mins
Result:  2nd Lady, 1st lady Vet

Only a few other people on the trails

Enjoying the trails and the sun

Happy to have finished