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Monday, 24 September 2012

Have you seen the black puffer without arms roaming around Helvellyn?
With my first run recovery run under my belt, it was off to the Lake District in England for some hiking with my sister.  First day around Helvellyn, which is the 3rd highest peak in the lake district.  The weather was fantastic and as such brought out all the hikers in the lakes.  The hills were so busy it was like seeing lots of little ants climbing the hills in the distant.   We were out for about 5 or 6 hours and had a few incidents. 

The first was my sister loosing her body warmer at the top of one of the hills, so I ran up the hill to find it.  I couldn't remember what you called it and the only thing that came to mind was a puffer jacket without arms.  Alas I couldn't find it although at times it looked like some of the sheep were wearing it, as the sheep were black colored with white heads.
The second incident was when Laura nearly fell into a raging stream backwards, however she managed to save herself by holding on to the grassy bank.  I thought she still might fall in, as she was laughing so hard while still holding on to the grassy bank for a good 5 mins. 

The second day of hiking was less strenuous.  We walked up Dale's bottom or was it Dale's head, can't quite remember but Dale was very good to us and provided some great views and a lot of wind (maybe that part was my sis).   After Dale it was a easier walk to the lake and along to the YHA.  

My neck behaved and felt great and I even managed a few wee easy runs downhill.  Looks like I am getting back on track!  Yippee

Me and my sis at the hostel at the start of the weekend. Where did I get all those chins from!

At the top of Helvellynn

 At the top of Helvellynn

 Our hill friends
 2nd day hiking was a bit colder

 The water is sooo clear it is amazing
Its not all hard training, there has to be some reward!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


My pain is going and the Chiropractor gave me the OK to start training slowing.  I am good with that, training slowing is better than no training!!!!

I started on Monday with a Yoga class which was a little tough and I was a bit scared to do the moves in case I hurt my neck again, but after the class I felt great and my neck felt amazing!  The yoga will help improve my posture which is one of the key things to change to ensure my neck full recovers.   I also now have a standing desk so this helps to improve my posture and I already feel the difference.

Last night my daughter, Melanie, and I went out for a run.  It was a big thing for her and she was so excited to be running with Mummy.  It was also a big thing for me, my first run in about 3 weeks and I was choosing to do it with Mel.  The fact that she is 6 and the distance that we were running was about 400m around the park, did not dampen my excitement. 

We started at one corner and Mel shot off fast while I trundled slowly behind.  I felt good, my neck wasn't hurting and the feeling to be running again was amazing.  After about 200m Mel needed a "time out".  Long distance is not her forte.  We managed twice around the park before finishing our run and taking time to enjoy the other areas of the park.

First recovery run over now to get ready for Nepal! 


Monday, 3 September 2012


I am injured and in alot of pain. 

Following the Mountain Man race in August I got back to training pretty quickly and felt my legs had recovered well.   I was doing some Gurten runs getting ready to run the Jungfrau Marathon and everything felt good until I woke up one Thursday morning and couldn't turn my neck properly.  As the day progressed the pain in my neck got worse and I could hardy turn it.

I did some stretches when I got home and hoped it would get better but the next day it got worse and by Saturday I was in complete agony.  I managed to get an emergency appointment with the Chiropracter.   He manipulated by back and my neck and managed to find all my sore points.  It did get better but when Sunday came the pain was still there and not getting any better.   Sitting, standing and lying provided no relief.  I was in pain all the time. 

It turns out I have a pinched nerve in my neck,  brought on by bad posture and exacerbated with running.   I am continuing with the Chiropracter appointments but I am in so much pain I cannot think about any exercise at this stage.  The scary part is, as I research this problem on the internet, I come to understand that the recovery period can be many months.  I do hope that is not the case and I recover fast so I can partake in my race.