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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Fitting it all in !!!!
I often wonder how I manage to fit it all in.  I am a single mum working 100%,  which sometime feels like 150%.  This can make fitting in exercise, never mind training for ultra's difficult at times, but somehow I manage.  

I am co-parenting with my ex which means that I get some free time and allows me to fit in big runs on these days.  Other days its not always so easy but time management becomes key especially when he is away for many weeks at a time.  I will run in the morning before work or at lunch time on work days.  I am lucky enough to work for a company that has flexible working conditions, so this allows me to fit my running around looking after my daughter and work.   Sometime I have to get creative, like running on a treadmill at the gym while my daughter watches a movie or have her cycle alongside me while I run.  As she is only 6 this alternative doesn't last too long, which is why I take along a rope and tie it around my waist and pull her along when she starts to tire or on the up hills.  She also enjoys it as I become her horse.   I like this option as it gets her outdoors to do something with Mum.  Always a good thing I believe.

Today I took advantage of her going to Pfadi (Scouts) for 2 hours and went for a fantastic Autumn run. The weather was great, around 18c and blue skies.  Perfect running weather.  I combined this run with taking some photos.  In the morning I joined a basic photo class to learn how to use my SLR.  So I thought I would put some of the learnings to use.  I used my smaller camera, but I think I still managed to capture a lovely autumn day and a beautiful running route. 

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