My love for running is taking me to places around the world that I have dreamed of visiting. I love the challenge the races provides and the opportunity to visit somewhere new and beautiful, it is so rewarding and inspiring. While I do these challenges I also want to support The Gracias Foundation as a charity close to my heart, please feel free to support their many projects by donating on the link below.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Dubai airport

I am sitting in Starbucks with an 8 hour layover in Dubai before getting to Kathmandu. It is one of the terminals which is the very basic terminal and has nothing here. What do you do in airport while waiting?

I like to people watch or people listen! In front of me is an Irish guy chatting to 2 Indian fellows. The Irish guy hasn't stopped talking!! The others don't have a chance to talk, or maybe the don't understand him. Who does understand the Irish when they are talking away. I'm sure they are harder to understand than the scots!

Where I am sitting doesn't provide many people watching opportunities, it's still early or people don't come to Starbucks. Gives me time to think about the week again and every time I do I get little butterflies in my stomach.

I met one of the other competitors at the airport in Zurich. Sheer coincidence, he stood behind me in the queue and with my running shoes and gear i was easy to recognize. We had the same flight to Dubai but he managed to get a better connection than me and will be jetting of to Kathmandu now. Lucky him, I'm jealous.