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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


My pain is going and the Chiropractor gave me the OK to start training slowing.  I am good with that, training slowing is better than no training!!!!

I started on Monday with a Yoga class which was a little tough and I was a bit scared to do the moves in case I hurt my neck again, but after the class I felt great and my neck felt amazing!  The yoga will help improve my posture which is one of the key things to change to ensure my neck full recovers.   I also now have a standing desk so this helps to improve my posture and I already feel the difference.

Last night my daughter, Melanie, and I went out for a run.  It was a big thing for her and she was so excited to be running with Mummy.  It was also a big thing for me, my first run in about 3 weeks and I was choosing to do it with Mel.  The fact that she is 6 and the distance that we were running was about 400m around the park, did not dampen my excitement. 

We started at one corner and Mel shot off fast while I trundled slowly behind.  I felt good, my neck wasn't hurting and the feeling to be running again was amazing.  After about 200m Mel needed a "time out".  Long distance is not her forte.  We managed twice around the park before finishing our run and taking time to enjoy the other areas of the park.

First recovery run over now to get ready for Nepal! 


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