My love for running is taking me to places around the world that I have dreamed of visiting. I love the challenge the races provides and the opportunity to visit somewhere new and beautiful, it is so rewarding and inspiring. While I do these challenges I also want to support The Gracias Foundation as a charity close to my heart, please feel free to support their many projects by donating on the link below.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Trail Verbier
Distance: 61km   Vertical Ascent:  4,000m
I have run this race 2 times before so knew what to expect and how hard it was going to be.   Although the distance is only 61km, the 3 peaks that you have to ascend are very demanding especially the last peak which is a killer.  This year I watched someone who was a third of the way up the killer, take off his number and walk back down.  The killer peak had got the better of him! 
I started slow and paced myself well.   I had no stomach issues, which had plagued me in races last year and felt good most of the race.   The first 2 peaks felt a lot easier than previous attempts but the last killer got me.   My thoughts during the race vary widely, from happiness at being with nature in such beautiful surroundings to "why am I doing this.....I will not do this again", yet I always come back for more.  Running these races gives me a sense of peace, a sense of freedom and contentment.  I love the challenge of pushing myself further, through pain and tiredness and I love that feeling of crossing the finish line, knowing I have achieved something.
As usual, I found the race hard but made it to the finish 1 hour faster than last year.   My goal is to one day finish this race in daylight without having to use my headtorch.  This means I need to get another hour faster…..that is a big goal!

Time: 12 hrs 21 mins
Result:   217th Overall out of 472,  43rd Lady overall out of 100,  19th Lady Vet out of 44

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