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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Swiss Alpine Marathon, Davos 

Distance: 79.4km   Vertical Ascent:  2,600m
The biggest mountain ultramarathon in the world, and the ultimate challenge with 21 km of the race being on high alpine terrain. The race starts in Davos centre and is relatively gentle until Filsir where the uphill starts.  The route takes the runners over 2 peaks and some of the most glorious scenery which you do have time to enjoy even though you are panting for air.  

I love coming to this event as there are races for every level and there is a big international participation.  There is always a buzz around Davos and as you walk down the street you hear many different languages.  It is a very busy week with accomodation sold out which is why I had a very awful moment when checking into my hotel to be told that they had no reservation for me.   It turns out that I had booked the Sunstar Grindelwald hotel instead of the Sunstar Davos hotel.  Sunstar Grindelwald is about 250km away from Davos.  Miracously the Davos hotel had a vacany and I managed to switch my reservation to the Davos hotel with no extra cost.

I found this race slightly harder than the last time I ran it,  2 years ago, as my legs were sore from 25km and I was very breathless from the start.  I kept giving myself little goals to help me through such as run to bridge, run to that set of trees and it worked.   I battled through the pain, some rain, thunder and sun shine to get to the finish.   It was great to enjoy an alcahol free beer, sit down and watch other runner come in while I recovered.

Time: 9hrs 59mins
Result:  61st lady,  14th lady Vet

Early in the race, still looking fresh

Sheer concentration as I run up the hill out of Filsur

The rain and thunder starts as we begin the uphill

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