My love for running is taking me to places around the world that I have dreamed of visiting. I love the challenge the races provides and the opportunity to visit somewhere new and beautiful, it is so rewarding and inspiring. While I do these challenges I also want to support The Gracias Foundation as a charity close to my heart, please feel free to support their many projects by donating on the link below.

Monday, 9 September 2013


With 13 days to go my next challenge is Grand to Grand Ultra   This rates is a self-supported race from the North rim of the Grand Canyon to the Summit of the Grand Staircase covering 273km.  I will be racing from Sunday 22 Sep through to Saturday 28th Sep.   

Self Supported means I will be carrying all my clothes, sleep bag, mat and all my food for the 7 days of racing.  This means my pack will weigh around 7-9 kg at the beginning of the race.  Thankfully the race organisers will be supplying water which we will get at the beginning of each day, on route and at the end of each day.  Additionally they will supply tents for us to sleep in. 

It is still fairly warm in the Grand Canyon so I will be running in temperatures between 25-35c during the day and it will drop down to around 0-10c at night.  If this is not challenging enough around 35% of our race will be done in soft sand, something I have not really been able to train on!
During the race, they will post daily updates on our G2G Facebook Page and also on the website under Race Coverage-Breaking News:  You will be able to send emails to me at with the Subject containing Debbie Brupbacher.   This email address will be live from 21st September to 6PM (MST) on 26th September.   If you  are on Facebook, please visit and Like the  G2G Page to stay in the loop with the updates:   I will be able to response to messages at the end of each day however there will be a time lag on delivery as the organizers will drive to the nearest internet connection to download all messages.

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